Club Fitting
Our Launch Monitor Club Fitting session for a driver or a set of irons generates detailed information to improve your game. $50.00 for a 30 Minute Session

Golf Ball Fitting

Find out if the ball you are playing really fits your game. Test up to five different balls using our
Vector Pro Launch Monitor.
$50.00 for a 30 Minute Session.

If you utilize any of our re-shafting, swing weight matching, loft/lie adjustment, or shaft spineing services on two or more clubs, we will credit you back $20.00 of your club-fitting fee
Launch Monitor Numbers Tiger Woods
Michelle Wie
Ball Speed 182 mph 162 mph
Spin Rate 2580 rpm 2620 rpm
Carry Distance 309 yards 278 yards
Total Distance 327 yards 292 yards

What are the Benefits of a Custom Club Fitting?

We will provide specification recommendations for:  grip size, shaft flex & playability characteristics, shaft length and finally loft and lie angles.  Marin Clubwerx utilizes sophisticated launch monitor technology as well as traditional lie tape and impact board readings to see where the ball is contacting the clubface at impact. Launch monitor readings such as launch angle, spin rate, and club head speed will be used to determine your optimal “formula” for maximizing distance and direction.

You will leave with detailed information generated by our Vector Launch Monitor during your club fitting session.
When you are fit properly, you will see results!

What are the typical benefits of our Golf Fitting process?
  • Gaining significant yardage off the tee resulting in lower scores
  • Personalized service to identify your swing characteristics
  • Your equipment built by experienced clubmakers
  • Increased confidence with consistent club performance throughout your bag
  • Maximized enjoyment of your golf equipment and
    this wonderful game